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The aerial hammocks or aerial hammock. They have many ancestral as well as modern influences.
as it is the circus, the aerial fabrics, the swings or rope that used ancestors yoga teachers or wall strings

We use soft fabric, to perform yoga, fitness and aerobatics. all endorsed by the European association of pilates and fitness and soon ... Yoga alliance.



was born from the idea of introducing some swings with specific stirrups for certain exercises and movements for the physical, emotional and intellectual development of the child.

The swings have specific measurements for them, created at a certain height and width.
Combined with colors that favor their self-esteem and their emotional assertive development.

we apply color therapy also with our colored hammocks
Chromotherapy is probably one of the most adaptable alternative therapies to our lifestyle and our daily lives. As well as Aromatherapy, Gemotherapy and other types of alternatives of this kind (therapies that are not taught in classes or require professional assistance), Chromotherapy and its colors allow us to contribute to our positive moods with a little inventiveness and creativity.

Swings for children, are made of nylon, paragliding fabric that helps to hold the weight. And to perform the exercises or timely turns with more support.
We work at a fitness level contributing to improve muscle strength and coordination. Doing all kinds of postures, acrobatics, static and dynamic and also mixing it with dance and corporal creativity. The work is divided into several points.
- Aeria4kids babies from 0 to 4 years old classes for babies up to 4 years old with moms or without moms (4/3 years old)
- Aerial4kids Junior from 4 years and up to 8
- Aerial4kids Junior advance (more difficult postures and more coordination with the classes) up to 8 to 14